Osama Bin Laden’s Feng Shui

I Love Feng Shui has a round-up of the many, many bad Feng Shui decisions made by Osama Bin Laden. It would make for a great article for a ‘Terrorists In Hiding Weekly’ magazine.


From the air, the compound’s shape is somewhat reminiscent to a knife - and on a ’sharp’ cutting angle too - both of which are definitely not advisable.


A second, military-like knife shape (above) seems to point even more ominously towards the entrance of the owner’s house…. any people who live in such a house are in large danger risk of injury or act of violence.


This particular reading is further amplified if one looks at the color and shape of bin Laden’s house itself. The main color scheme is white - which is usually fine, and can even promote strength, or the reaching of the top of one’s career. However in Feng Shui ‘white’ also means ‘metal’ - the connection to a metal knife is amplified.


The curves and greenery of the White House in Washington D.C. are a much better example of strength balanced with greenery, flowing water, and curved shapes - promoting endurance, health and renewal.


The outdoor areas are largely empty and dusty, which in itself is bad Chi…


Bin Laden’s house seems designed to confuse visitors - for understandable defensive reasons. However this also has the effect of confusing any positive Chi that wishes to enter…



The surrounding situation of the house is relatively auspicious - the mountains nearby provide shelter and protection. However, bin Laden would have been likely looking out at these mountains - meaning he could have very well felt trapped in this place. Mountains can also symbolically block any escapes.


In general, however we can say this much clutter and mess is bad for one’s fortune. Covering a TV screen (above) is a good idea for Feng Shui…


This bed does to me have a wooden coffin feel to it, with its deep wooden sides…


Overall I would say, whilst superficially offering the feeling of protection, such a house would feel oppressive to its owners, and not be conducive for any of their enterprises or long term welfare.

You can read the full article here.


The Love and Sex Feng Shui Beam Cure


Trouble in the bedroom? And do you have beams (or overhanging vents, chandeliers, or other items above you)? The two could be related. Feng Shui masters are unanimous that overhead beams above a bed are bad news. But what is amazing is the direction these beams run - and their positions - have different meanings, and effects - some of which could be affecting your relationship.

For example, a rafter over the head of a bed may cause migraines or constant headaches. A beam above your stomach may cause ulcers, backaches, and indigestion. A rafter over the foot of your bed will make you less mobile and unable to travel or act on issues. If the beam runs lengthwise down the middle of your bed from head to foot, this may be divisive to you and your companion if you are part of a couple.

Feng Shui for your home

All of these problems come from the beam indicating pressure, and burdens or obstacles against natural growth.


Here at I Love Feng Shui we are passionate believers that the key to a good sex life is good bed feng shui - new clean sheets, a solid base, and a good mattress. If these are all good, and you have overhead beams, these too may have a role to play.

Remember, large beams are worse than smaller ones, and dark, oppressive ‘heavy looking’ ones worse than light. With this in mind, here are some useful feng shui overhanging beam cures.

Beam Feng Shui Cures

The cure you might wish to choose for beams above your bed will vary, depending upon your circumstances

  • Simply move the bed from under the beam - closer to a door or wall.
  • Change the orientation of the bed - for instance, if you are finding beams are affecting your relationship, twist the bed so that they run across you. This may not have a negative health affect, if other areas of your house support good health feng shui.
  • Put a mirror or mirrors on the beam, to symbolically make a hole in the beam, reducing its effect.
  • Otherwise break up the beam - a fake firecracker will do the trick!
  • Try hanging attractive string lights along the offending edge. There are a bunch of great ‘upward symbol’ lights you could choose - for very little money - such as flamingo lights, standard floating lanterns, dragonfly shaped or butterfly shaped lanterns - all which would be a great idea.
  • Another unorthodox cure is to hang flutes at a beam’s edges at an angle (or other ‘upwards’ indicating symbols, like birds, angels, balloons, or butterflies).
  • Paint the beams a light color, for instance white, or a color that will otherwise blend in with the ceiling.
  • Cover the beams with plasterboard, if possible.
  • Cover above your bed with a piece of stylish fabric, to make a protective canopy. Use fabric which is opaque, not transparent, for the best results. A natural fabric like linen is perfect for this.
  • Remove any overly complicated overhead light fittings, or unhelpful feng shui ‘cures’, like flutes or crystals, if they are not effective.
  • Grab our upcoming eBook for other great cures.

As always, use trial and error to see how each cure affects your situation. And report and discuss them here. Have you cured yourself of overhead beams, or are you currently battling with them? Tell us about it here.


Michael Jackson - Hurt by Bad Feng Shui?


There is a fascinating article about Michael Jackson’s BaZi, or Chinese Astrology chart, the Feng Shui of his house at Neverland, and the effect of changing his face may have had on the destiny of Michael Jackson. The author makes some interesting analysis, including

  • Michael Jackson was an ‘Eating God’ type person - often artists, they are best at working behind the scenes.This indicates whilst he worked hard to be a truly great performer, he may have been happier (and lived longer) working in a recording studio rather than on stage, and nurturing the output of others as he grew older.
  • His chart is almost all Yang, which is a dangerous imbalance. His life would have been helped by some sort of religious studies. Too much metal indicates depression and loneliness.
  • Michael was entering a 10 year change point, which would have lead to a new era of productivity, after a long decade of creative block. However, such points are particularly dangerous (Heath Ledger died at a similar changeover point), so we need to treat ourselves carefully then. We cannot handle the same stresses or medicine levels the same way at different points in our lives.
  • A Y shaped river at Neverland is called “Open Feet Water.” It is not desirable to live in areas with a Y-shaped river or road. In less severe cases, it creates relationship or marital problems. In more serious cases, it means sex scandals.
  • Another undesirable Feng Shui feature at Neverland is the straight staircases running down the Neverland Train Station. Straight long stair cases are called “Pulling Nose Water,” which drains the wealth of the residents of the property.
  • Finally, thin faces are more likely to lose money, and by changing his nose from healthy to thin and pointy, he unwittingly reduced his ability to hang onto money. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other wealthy individuals all have a fleshy nose.

Whilst there is nothing like hindsight, it does form a powerful case for having your Chinese Astrology chart done, or at least living in reference to a solid direction. You can read the full article here.

We’d like to hear your thoughts. Have you identified your ‘type’, and how have you found such knowledge to be useful? How enlightening can such an analysis of famous people be, from a distance? Or any other thoughts.